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Insurers Forfeit Their Protections Under Civil Code Section 2860 (Cumis Statute) When They Fail to Meet Their Duty to Defend Obligations

Posted in Attorneys' Fees, Case Updates, Duty to Defend, General Liablity
If you want to read an important case on Cumis counsel and the consequences to insurers who fail to fulfill their obligations relating thereto, we have one for you.  J.R. Marketing LLC v. The Hartford Cas. Insurance Co., __ Cal.App.4th __ (May 17, 2013).  This case has a lot to offer: Cumis counsel, attorneys’ fees, … Continue Reading

What are the Available Remedies Against an Insurance Company That Has Acted in Bad Faith?

Posted in Attorneys' Fees, ERISA, Insurance Bad Faith, Insurance Questions and Concepts, Punitive Damages
This article will be the second in a series of articles by McKennon Law Group PC addressing and answering basic questions concerning insurance law.  This one addresses: What are the available remedies against an insurance company that has acted unreasonably in handling an insurance claim? The most common causes of action against insurers in the … Continue Reading