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An Insurance Company Acting as a Claims Administrator is Again a Proper Defendant in an ERISA Suit for Benefits

Posted in Case Updates, Disability Insurance, ERISA, Standing
The Ninth Circuit has reversed itself and ruled that insurance companies that make claim decisions or are responsible for paying benefits can serve as defendants in ERISA actions for benefits or to enforce the terms of the plan.  In Cyr v. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company, 642 F.3d 1202 (9th Cir. 2011), the Ninth Circuit … Continue Reading

ERISA Authorizes Breach of Fiduciary Duty Action for Misconduct When it Impairs Plan Assets in Participant’s Individual Account

Posted in Case Updates, ERISA, Fiduciary Duty, News, Standing
Can a plan participant sue for breach of fiduciary duty when his individual account is diminished by a failure of the administrator to follow his investment instructions? The U.S. Supreme Court answered this important question in the affirmative in James LaRue  v. DeWolff, Boberg & Associates Inc., 128 S. Ct. 1020 (2008).  LaRue filed an … Continue Reading