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The Number of Disabled Employees Increase as More Employers Drop Long-Term Disability Coverage

Posted in Disability Insurance, Legal Articles, News, Social Security Administration
A disturbing trend that has developed across the country in recent years is that, while the number of workers/employees suffering from long-term illnesses or injuries has increased, the number of employers who provide long-term disability insurance has dropped dramatically.  As of May 2014, the total number of Social Security disability beneficiaries in the United States … Continue Reading

Why Is It Important To Exhaust Your Administrative Remedies Under ERISA When Your Insurer Denies Your Disability Insurance Claim?

Posted in Disability Insurance, Legal Articles
The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”) provides an exclusive remedial scheme for insureds who have been denied benefits.  29 USC section 1001 et seq.  Under ERISA, a plan participant may sue “to recover benefits due to him under the terms of their plan, to enforce their rights under the terms of the … Continue Reading

In MLG Case, the San Francisco Superior Court Rules that Plaintiff Therabotanics May Pursue Claims Against Sephora and Solazyme For Interference With Contract and Unfair Competition

Posted in Legal Articles, News
McKennon Law Group recently filed a case on behalf of Therabotanics, LLC, a subsidiary of Ideal Living, for breach of contract, unfair competition, misappropriation of trade secrets, harmful interference with contract, and conversion of assets against Sephora, USA, Inc. and Solazyme, Inc.  Therabotanics and Solazyme had entered into an exclusive agreement for a joint venture … Continue Reading


Posted in Legal Articles, News
In January 2010, McKennon Law Group PC was approached by weight loss supplement company TriPharma, LLC, about a dispute involving its exclusive rights to advertise, market and sell a revolutionary patented and clinically studied weight loss product that was manufactured by San Diego based company Imagenetix, Inc.  TriPharma discovered Imagenetix’s multiple breaches of its exclusive … Continue Reading

Why Does The Pollution Exclusion in California Insurance Policies Exclude Asbestos Building Contamination But Not Pesticide Building Contamination?

Posted in Case Updates, Commercial General Liability Insurance, Duty to Defend, Homeowners Insurance, Insurance Bad Faith, Legal Articles, Policy Interpretation, Property & Casualty Insurance
According to a recent California appellate court decision, a contractor’s negligent release of asbestos fibers during the removal of asbestos-containing acoustical spray in a condominium complex is excluded by the pollution exclusion in a homeowner association’s property and liability policy, despite a 2003 California Supreme Court ruling that a contractor’s negligent spraying of pesticide in … Continue Reading

California Supreme Court Prohibits the Collection of ZIP Codes

Posted in Legal Articles, News
The collection of ZIP codes by retailers may now be prohibited following the recent California Supreme Court decision in Pineda vs. William Sonoma, __ Cal. 4th__ (February 10, 2011).  Writing for a unanimous court, Justice Morena found that ZIP codes are “personal identification information” for the purposes of the Song-Beverly Credit Card Act (“Credit Card … Continue Reading

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act Summary and Implementation Timelines

Posted in Health Insurance, Legal Articles, Legislation, News
Eric M. Peterson from the law firm of Dorsey & Whitney LLP has done a nice job summarizing the recently enacted Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  Peterson’s article, ‘Health Care Reform is Here’ is set forth verbatim immediately below, followed by the Democratic Policy Committee‘s implementation timeline for both Acts. Health Reform and Reconciliation … Continue Reading